Analyse wav file loudness and plot graph in html.loudnessPlotter is based on ebu_r128 lib writen in C by radionova labs. Original source code is provided. Application is portable, i.e. can run off a USB key for instance.


Using git:

cd /home/user/mypath
git clone https://github.com/mikrolax/loudnessPlotter.git

Zip downlod on Github



Binaries are provided, simply open the command line and type:

loudnessPlotter.exe [file.wav or folder] [oupoutfolder]

From python (all platform)

Make sure you have the compiled the wave_analyse programm for your platform! If not, see above.

As a script:

python loudness.py /path/to/folder/or/wavefile

As a module:

import loudness

What it does

Generate a single HTML page (which itself load some javascript from the web): launches wav_analyze executable, get its output, and convert it into an HTML plot.

If you specifie a folder, all .wav under this folder will be analysed, output HTML file name will be : loudness.html
If you specifie a wav file i.e. wavfilename.wav, output HTML file name will be : wavfilename.html


radionova labs for providing this lib and wave_analyze example under GNU GPL.

JQuery, the well-known javascript library
flot an attactive javascript plotting for JQuery
Bootstrap the famous CSS/JS framework from Twitter.



see website for mor information.